ISGT Europe 2017 Tutorial – Smart metering architecture to enable and simulate novel services in smart grids.

On Tuesday 26 September 2017 the tutorial on smart metering architecture was held at the ISGT Europe 2017 conference in Torino.

Organiser: Edoardo Patti, Department Control and Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.


  • Edoardo Patti, Department Control and Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.
  • Francesco Arrigo, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.


A Smart Metering Infrastructure (SMI) aims at measuring, collecting and post-processing data about the energy usage in smart grid scenarios. Resulting analysis can provide detailed information on the status of the distribution network improving its maintenance. This analysis can also help in planning future intervention in the network, such as the integration of renewable sources and storage systems.

SMI will facilitate interactions among relevant actors (e.g. aggregators, virtual power plants, energy service companies, etc.) and different network devices and technologies to foster novel services for stakeholders.

The purpose of this tutorial is:

i) to give attendees an introduction to SMI and its requirements;

ii) to present an infrastructure running in a real-world case study;

iii) to provide an overview of possible novel services that need a SMI;

iv) to present a simulation environment based on Real-Time Simulators to test services and algorithms for smart grid control and management.

The conference website is accessible at the link:

pdf_icon The presentation provided at the tutorial can be downloaded here.

Workshop – Smart Metering – Project Experience and European Trends


On 16 June 2017, UPB organized a national workshop in Bucharest, Romania at the Central Library of University Politehnica of Bucharest as part of the dissemination activities of H2020 FLEXMETER project. This workshop was organized with the support of IRE (Romanian Institute for Energy Development Studies) and was moderated by dr. Ana Maria Dumitrescu (UPB team leader in FLEXMETER project) and dr. Dan Apetrei from Enol Grup S.A.

The topics of this meeting presentations were:

  • Smart metering in on-going MicroDERLab projects: Flexmeter, NobelGrid, ITCity, Storege4Grid, FISMEP
  • Smart meter data in user-intuitive carbon footprint information (as part of WP2 of FLEXMETER)
  • Smart Metering from a DSO perspective
  • Non intrusive load monitoring
  • Flexmeter – architecture and solution system (presented by FLEXMETER partner SIVECO SA)
  • S&T solution for smart metering
  • Smart Metering precisions for prosumer

In total there were 11 presentations and the workshop had an attendance of more than 50 persons from stakeholders.


Flyers, notebooks and other project promotional materials were printed and distributed.


Smart Energy Workshop


Flexmeter was presented at the Smart Energy Workshop in Caserta on October 27, 2016.

pdf_icon The agenda of the workshop is available for download here.