The Telecom Italia Group is a major Italian enterprise and a key European strategic ICT player. Driven by technological innovation and a commitment to service excellence, Group companies operate in fixed-line and mobile telecommunications, Internet & Media, Information Technologies.

Most of the R&D activities of the Group are performed inside the Innovation and R&D Departments of Telecom Italia and involve around 1600 researchers and technicians with an average investment of 600 M euro per year.

Main research areas are: the evolution of mobile communication, from third generation mobile systems to a variety of overlapping wireless networks increasing access flexibility (WiFi, UWB, WiMax, MoFi); the diffusion of broadband bandwidth, studying affective techno-economic solutions to deploy optical fibers; the dissemination of identification and localization systems embedding tagging technologies within telecommunication functionality.

Within the FLEXMETER project, TI will mainly contribute on:

  • WP1 – System specification
  • WP2 – Prosumer-side smart metering architecture and development
  • WP3 – Smart-grid integration
  • WP4 – Smart meter services and data management
  • WP5 – Business models
  • WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP8 – Management