SIVECO Romania SA (, is a private shareholder company, established in 1992, with over 1000 employees, located in Bucharest, Romania. During its twenty years of existence, SIVECO has become one of the most important Romanian providers and software integrators of Enterprise Resource Management License and Maintenance, eLearning, eGovernment, eHealth, eBusiness, eAgriculture, eCustoms solutions and turnkey projects acting both on the internal and international markets. Moreover, SIVECO has gained a solid reputation on international markets by developing successful projects together with several international companies, collaboration that has blossomed into genuine partnership over the years. We can provide all services on the whole life cycle of the information projects: analysis of users’ requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, end-users training and technical assistance, system maintenance. We have developed and currently are running some of the largest and most complex, national-wide information systems in Romania, in different domains: Education, Agriculture, Health Insurance, Customs, Nuclear and Social Security.

Based on the company’s 20 years of expertise in developing and implementing complex IT solutions, SIVECO Applications is an EAS system, competitive at international level, providing central and local public institutions, state enterprises and companies with an integrated control of their activities and processes, in full compliance with national legislative regulations.

Through its dedicated components and functionalities, SIVECO Applications ensured the efficient management of the available budgetary funds, of the funds and subsidies, payments management, the control of the procurement processes, record keeping of the investment plans, increasing the efficiency of consumptions and introducing IT to all processes.

Having a high degree of customization and being designed using the latest standards, SIVECO Applications adapts to the specificity of each organization and contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency of its beneficiaries’ activity.

Due to its modular structure and complex functionalities, SIVECO Applications covers all the activities within an organization and ensures the proper management of resources, automation of data flows, data consistence and coherence, as well as quick retrieval and reporting of information.

The EAS integrated system is formed of 49 well harmonized components, ensuring the feasibility of the application and guaranteeing its good operation and use by end users. The components contain a powerful parameterization and configuring system, being designed in such a manner that any legislative or organizational changes occurring are operational with minimal efforts.

Many service providers in the distribution of gas, water, hot water, electricity or heat, private and public, across the country, chose SIVECO Applications integrated package: ACET Suceava; APA SERV Valea Jiului, Petrosani; Braila Public Utilities Company; Congaz Constanta; Gaz Sud Bucuresti; Network development Group Bucuresti; URBAN Bucuresti; Veolia Environmental Services; Colterm Timisoara; ELCEN Bucuresti; ELCEN Bucuresti, Constanta Branch; ELCEN Bucuresti, Mures Branch; ELCEN Paroseni; ENET Focsani; Hidroserv Hateg; Hidroserv Portile de Fier; Termoelectrica Bucuresti; Termoelectrica Bucuresti, Braila Branch.

Within the FLEXMETER project, SIVECO will mainly contribute on:

  • WP1 – System specification
  • WP2 – Prosumer-side smart metering architecture and development
  • WP4 – Smart meter services and data management
  • WP5 – Business models
  • WP6 – Demonstration and evaluation
  • WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP8 – Management