Iren Energia is the company in IREN Group operating in electric and thermal energy production.

The Iren Group is made up of the industrial holding company Iren S.p.A. and five fully controlled business companies, operating in their specific sectors both directly and through companies that they control or in which they hold a share.

Iren Energia core businesses are the production and distribution of electricity and the production and distribution of thermal energy for district heating. In addition, due to its expertise in the field of technological services, facility management, energy planning and consultancy are Iren Energia additional core activities.

Iren Energia’s hydroelectric power plants, whose overall capacity reaches 500 MW, are situated in the Province of Turin (Valle Orco, Val di Susa, San Mauro and Moncalieri). Moreover, the electricity produced by the hydro plants in the Provinces of Genoa and Reggio Emilia contributes to Iren Energia overall electrical capacity.

Iren Energia cogeneration plants are situated in Turin, Genoa, Parma and Reggio Emilia; their overall capacity reaches 1,300 MW of electrical power, 950 MW of thermal power and provides district heating for a total volume of about 80 million cubic metres.

The company AEM Torino Distribuzione dispatches electricity in Turin and Parma, managing 7,500 kilometres of medium and low voltage power lines.

AES Torino Company owns and operates Turin district heating network (500 kilometres of double pipeline) and gas distribution network (1,300 kilometres).

Iren Servizi e Innovazione operates in the field of technological services and facility management. In Turin, it manages the 96,000 lights of the public lighting system, the 670 sets of traffic lights and the electricity and heating systems of the 800 town council buildings; in Parma it coordinates the management of the public lighting system and traffic lights.

Iren Servizi e Innovazione has consolidated experience in the fields of global services and monument lighting.

Iren Energia provides services of optical fiber connectivity, xDSL technologies and mobile. The Company developed a series of projects for the remote control of public services such as public lightning, traffic automation networks, energy and tap water distribution, energy, water, gas, heat marketing. It is also developing Turin district heating remote control platform (hardware, software). Over 3000 substations are now remote controlled.

Due to the technological know-how inherited from Iride and Enìa, Iren Energia pursues the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection, quality and continuous improvement, technological innovation and the efficiency of all services provided, making its contribution to the development of the areas in which it operates and directing its efforts towards fully satisfying its customers, shareholders and the general public.

Within the FLEXMETER project, IREN will mainly contribute on:

  • WP1 – System specification
  • WP2 – Prosumer-side smart metering architecture and development
  • WP3 – Smart-grid integration
  • WP4 – Smart meter services and data management
  • WP5 – Business models
  • WP6 – Demonstration and evaluation
  • WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP8 – Management